More Publications by Carolyn Tipton

Full-Length Works

Returnings: Poems of Love & Distance by Rafael Alberti. Translated by Carolyn L. Tipton. Buffalo, NY: White Pine Press.
To Painting: Poems by Rafael Alberti. Translated and with an Introduction and Notes by Carolyn L. Tipton. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press.

Contributions to Anthologies
(Poetry Translations)

“To Divine Proportion”: Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics
“Once More the Dark Swallows Will Return”: European Romantic Poetry
“Bosch” and “Giotto”: World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse from Antiquity to Our Time
“Red”: Now and Then: The Poet’s Choice Columns

Contributions to Journals and Magazines
(Original Poetry)

“In My Father’s Garden”, “Anubis”, “Parrots”: Redwood Coast Review
“The Poet of Poet Laval”: Atlanta Review (International Poetry Competition Winners Edition)
“The Next Poem”, “Lapidary”, “The Sea of Cortez”: Blue Unicorn
“Le Rayon Vert”: Magazine
“In Vermont”: Whispering Campaign
“For Holly On Her Wedding Day”: First Leaves
“Antiphonal Prayer”: Sonoma County Free Press
“Withdrawal and Return”: Kaimana: Literary Arts Hawai’i
“Postcard from Lanikai”, “Now it is Autumn…”, “Two Visions” : Chaminade Literary Review
“The Duende and the Muse”: Sanskrit
“Ballad to Lorca”, “Poem Suggested by the Oral Tradition of the American Indian”, “The Chinese Papercutter”, “Sonnet to Chagall”: California State Poetry Quarterly
“To Sinbad”:  Chowder Review


Contributions to Journals and Magazines
(Poetry Translations and Articles on Translation)

“Returning on a Birthday (J.R.J.)”, “Returning to a Blissful Island”, “Love Returns on the Balcony”, “Love Returns as It Once Was”, “Love Returns on the Sands”, “Love Returns at Night in the Woods”: Notre Dame Review
“Love Returns Up on the Roof”: Subtropics
“Love Returns with the Moon”: Two Lines
“To the Hand”: Partisan Review
“Valdés Leal” and “Translating ‘Valdés Leal’”: Modern Poetry in Translation
“Delacroix”, “To Perspective”, “To Clothing”: Poetry Miscellany
“Goya” and “Rafael Alberti’s ‘Goya’: An Explication and Notes on the Translation”: O.ARS
“To the Palette”, “Tintoretto”: First Leaves
“Blue”, “Yellow”: Hawai’i Review
“Cézanne”, “To Light”, “Green”, “Van Gogh”, “Picasso”: The Berkeley Poetry Review
“Botticelli” and “Rafael Alberti’s ‘Botticelli’: A Translator’s Analysis”: Sequoia (Stanford University)
“Velázquez”: The Atavist Magazine
“White”, “Zurbarán”: Translation
“Bosch”: Muse
“Giotto”, “Renoir”: Blue Unicorn
“Renoir”: Named in The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses


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